Although there are warehouses that have a complex and functional structure, with natural light inlets that can provide lighting that at first glance may be sufficient, it is important to supplement the light with artificial lights that ensure good illumination in narrow aisles or high shelves.

The spaces available for work should be visually comfortable to improve employee performance and avoid injury or long-term health problems.

The lighting of these and other spaces depends on the dimensions, the type of structure and the luminaires inside the warehouse, also if it handles shelves and their height, because not all types of lighting can work in the case of very high shelves; therefore, for an LED lighting solution it is necessary to evaluate the specific needs of the establishment

Entrance and exit lighting is also part of the lighting of warehouses, as this largely prevents accidents, especially at night when the eye can take for granted certain objects that, when ignored, cause accidents, such as safety tire spikes or vehicle control barriers.

Implementing efficient lighting solutions in warehouses can provide companies with a great opportunity to reduce their energy costs. By replacing older incandescent or fluorescent luminaires with more advanced technologies such as high-efficiency LED lights, companies can save a significant amount of energy.

This not only translates into considerable monetary savings eventually, but also reduces the company’s carbon footprint and helps meet sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals.

In addition, LED lighting solutions have a much longer lifespan than traditional technologies, which means that the company can also save on maintenance and replacement costs.

In short, investing in efficient lighting solutions can be a great way for companies to reduce their energy costs and improve their environmental impact, while getting brighter, high-quality lighting for their warehouse operations.

Benefits of LED lighting in Warehouses




Important elements to consider in the lighting of warehouses

image lighting

The diffusion of light is important to prevent people in the space from being dazzled by direct light in their eyes, warehouses can opt for LED panels.

Another thing to avoid is the stroboscopic effect, which occurs when the lights start to flicker, even if it is only one, this effect quickly tires the vision, causes headaches, decreases productivity and causes health problems in the long term.

To solve this, LED lights installed by a professional are the best option.

Depending on the space and the product to be installed, the number of lights may vary, but we always recommend placing the necessary amount to properly illuminate all spaces and avoid shadows.

Lights should be strategically placed to avoid shadows that make it difficult for each operator to see.

The temperature of the light is an important factor to take into account, many people prefer cold white light, as it enlivens colors and improves concentration, but neutral white light can also be used, which does not tire the eyes and simulates natural light.

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