Government Solar Rebates in Victoria are On!

[Get up to 60% off a solar panel system cost]

The Victorian government is providing a rebate covering up to 60% cost
of a solar panel system for homeowners. Request a quote today. Hurry!


Up to $5,012 or 60% Rebate on Solar Power Systems

For eligible households, the state government is offering subsidy of up to 60% on the total cost of a solar system under the Solar Homes rebate program. As an aware consumer, what you need to consider is choosing only a Clean Energy Council (CEC)-approved Solar Retailer who is committed to using approved quality products, services, and certified installers to meet efficiency, quality and safety benchmarks.


If you buy a solar system worth $9,011, which is typically 6.6kW, you are eligible for:

  • $1,888 solar rebate
  • $1,888 interest-free loan amount
  • $1,236 additional discount on the total cost of the system offered by iPromise


Total cost you need to pay for a 6.6kW solar system after applying discount of $5,012 = $3,999

Find Out How Much Going Solar Can Save You!

  • Slash your power bills by 80% with solar and see over $1,500 in savings per year!
  • Save up to $5,012 or 60% on your solar system with Victoria government solar rebates. Avail while it lasts!
  • Get a obligation-free quote!

Residential Solar Rebates in Victoria Solar Homes rebate scheme



Why Install Solar Panel System in your Home?

Electricity prices are skyrocketing every day, this is why most Victorian citizens are now moving to solar energy. They are cladding their rooftops with solar panel systems.


To promote the cause and make transition effortless for householders, the Victorian government is providing heavy rebates for installing solar panels under the Solar Homes rebate program.


Huge solar rebates in Victoria sound attractive! What makes going solar difficult is countless choices of products and service providers, making a pick that suits your requirement tougher than ever.


We are Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved Solar Retailers in Victoria – which means we are authorized by the state government to install solar panel systems under the solar rebates in Victoria. We work with certified electricians to install only CEC-approved products to meet efficiency, quality and safety standards of the program.

Eligibility Criteria for Solar Rebates in Victoria

  • The household has a combined income of less than $180,000 per annum before tax (that’s 9 out of 10 Victorian homeowners)
  • The household does not already have a solar panel system installed
  • You are a home owner-occupier of a home that is valued at under $3,000,000
  • *If you already have a solar PV system and it was installed prior to the November 1, 2009, you are also eligible for the Solar Panel Rebate.

Solar Homes program is helping Victorian households reduce their energy bills by offering a rebate on the cost of solar panel PV system. Homeowners and rental properties can apply for a maximum discount of up to 60% on a solar system installation. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can initiate the application process to avail the government rebate.


The Application Process for Victoria Solar Rebate

  1. Do your research and choose a CEC-approved solar retailer and installer
  2. Obtain a detailed quote from your preferred supplier.
  3. Your retailer/provider will upload the quote to the Solar Victoria portal, which initiates the online process for your eligibility assessment.
  4. Once this is complete, you need to upload proof of income and a council rates notice to confirm your details.
  5. Once your eligibility is confirmed, you will receive an “eligibility number.”
  6. Provide the eligibility number to your solar installer, who will then proceed with the installation process. Installation cannot process without eligibility number.
  7. The provider will claim the rebate on your behalf and deduct this amount from the total cost of your system.
  8. You then pay the outstanding balance to your provider once the solar system is installed.

Solar Power is the Solution to Reducing Your Electricity Cost

Home solar power system is the simplest and most futuristic way to reduce your electricity bills using sun’s energy. Households where power usage is high during the day benefit the most from having solar power systems. The entire power usage is well taken care of by the solar power system during daylight hours, meaning the solar energy generation directly covers the energy usage of the household during the day.

If power generated during the day exceeds energy usage, it is fed into the electricity grid and reimbursed as a credit (also known as feed-in tariff return) on your electricity bill, however, the rate you receive in return is no way comparable to the amount you would save from using the energy yourself.

By using free energy generated from a solar power system, you can reduce your electricity bills by up to 80% and save thousands per year.
At iPromise Australia, we provide tailored solar solutions that fulfil your requirements to qualify for the government rebates. Our energy solutions help you reduce your energy cost by installing on-site solar panel array at the most affordable price.

How Do I Claim Solar Panel Rebate?

iPromise Australia can help you find rebates your residential property is eligible for. We help you follow steps mandatory to install the solar PV system and claim solar rebates in Victoria.


Why Choose Us?

  • Quality products: We install Clean Energy Council-approved products
  • Best services: We offer best services when it comes to installing solar panels in your area. We take care of the complete installation process, which includes planning, designing, and commissioning your solar PV system.
  • Post-install support: Our team of experienced and qualified installers are there to help you with pre and post install.
  • Tailored repayment options: We offer tailored repayment options to meet your budget. The repayments are less than what you might be paying currently for your energy usage

FAQs about Solar Rebates in Victoria

Q: I own two houses. Am I eligible for solar rebates on both houses?

A: Only one address can qualify for only one rebate.

Q: Can I receive all of the available rebates?

A: If you apply for a rebate under the renters’ scheme (as a landlord or tenant), you can also apply for the owner-occupier solar PV rebate for a different address.

If you have received the solar PV or hot water rebate in this or the last round, you will not be eligible for another solar PV, solar hot water or battery rebate as well.

Q: What if I already have solar panels installed on my roof?

A: If your solar system was installed before November 1 (what the state government calls an “early adopter”), you may be eligible for a new system or an expansion. This is because solar tech is evolving very fast. New solar panels and batteries are very efficient when compared to older versions. Hence, upgrading to a more efficient system is important for greater output and savings on your electricity bills.

Even if you are not eligible for the rebate, an upgrade or expansion may be cost-effective.

Q: How do I choose an approved solar retailer/installer?

A:To receive the Solar Homes rebate, you must use a Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved solar installer. You can recognise these installers by the CEC logo they use on their websites.

Q: What kind of solar system is eligible?

A: Apart from regulating who can install, the Clean Energy Council also regulates what can be installed. This includes CEC-approved components/products to ensure your eligibility for Solar Homes rebate.

Q: Does my solar panel system come with a warranty? What does it cover?

A: Solar panels provided by us come with a performance warranty of up to 10 to 25 years, whereas inverters are covered for 5 to 10 years. However, you must ask our consultants about which warranty applies to the solar panel brand you’re choosing.

Q: What does solar efficiency rating mean?

A: Solar panels are operated at a specific energy efficiency rating. The higher energy-efficient systems take up less space on the rooftop, so these work great even if there is limited space on a roof.

Solar panels are usually sold according to their energy rating capacity, instead of energy efficiency.  

Q: Does a solar power system need servicing?

A: To make your system’s life longer, we highly recommend that you keep your panels nice and clean.

Q: Does my solar system require much maintenance?

A: Usually, you have to pay for the solar system within 3 years of installation. But it also depends on the time of the year when you install the solar system.

Q: How does a grid connect solar system work?

A: Solar panels convert sunlight into DC (direct current). The inverter connected to the system converts DC current into 240-volt AC electricity – AC is what’s used to power your home lighting and appliances. When there is surplus electricity created by your solar system, it is fed into the main electricity grid and bought from you by your energy retailer. This way you can reduce your electricity bill to almost zero.

Q: Will my solar system manage all my household electricity requirements?

A: Yes! However energy demand on factors like your system size and your daily energy consumption during the day.

Q: What if we use more electricity than we generate?

A: If you use more electricity than your solar system is generating, you will be using electricity from the main grid to power your home.

Q: What solar panel and inverter brands do you use?

A: We use solar panel and inverter brands approved by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) to provide our customers with the best solar system for high energy output, ROI and peace of mind. Refer to the homepage of our website to check out our solar and inverter partners.

Q: Can I upgrade my existing solar system or inverters?

A: Yes! It is possible to expand and upgrade your existing system depending on your varying household energy requirements. All you need is simply add more solar panels and an inverter with more storage capacity to your system.

Q: Who installs the system? Are your installers qualified/licensed?

A: At iPromise, we only use Clean Energy Council accredited installers and licensed electricians to ensure quality installation.

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