LED downlights replacement and installation with IPROMISE

Led downlights are very commonly used lights in homes, deposits, companies, offices, and warehouses, among others. Although its most popular use is in homes and offices, the truth is that with the right product, LED downlights can have good power, and their aesthetics blend well with the design of any room, especially for minimal tastes, since the most common in the white downlight.

In addition to their aesthetics, downlights stand out for their versatility and usefulness, especially when they are installed in small places or with high shelves because normal light bulbs can be damaged or take up space that can be vital for any office, warehouse, or storage space, for example, file, archives, desks, even a good place for a new team member.

This product is also commonly used in LED lighting commercials, due to its economy, long life, or aesthetics, which makes it a profitable piece of equipment for any company or warehouse, with Led Downlights, you can create interest points to the exhibitions of your shop and highlight your products or the information that you want your customers to pay attention.  

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LED light replacement 

To replace lights in any establishment or room, it is important to find a company that has a complete team of experts, who will take care of it to do an impeccable job, under high-quality standards and reduce the chances of accidents due to mishandling of electrical circuits or poor installation of products, also to ensure the long life of the products and the correct function of them. 

How is the Led downlight replacement?

  • Disconnect the electrical network in the whole place to work

This is a basic but very important safety measure, many people believe that having the switch off is enough, but to avoid accidents, it is best to cut off the electricity supply to all establishments for a while, while the replacement is carried out.

  • Remove old lighting

The professional must have the necessary elements that mean a good installation, for example, gloves and a ladder (in case of installations on the ceiling).

In this point, it is important to take into account that the previous lighting and its change, or the parts to be removed or replaced, depend on the lighting model of each product, place of installation, and even the need of the customer, which is why the opening previously made for lighting may have to be modified for the new installation.

  • Connecting the electrical board to the electrical system

Once again, it is important to remember that this process must be carried out by an expert, as this type of connection requires technical knowledge and the necessary tools. 

Making the connection of the board to the new LED light is one of the final steps since it only remains to make sure that the connection is correct and that there is no problem.  

  • Place the downlight in the desired location

The space designated for the installation of the light may be perfect, but most of the time, a small amount of maintenance needs to be done on the wall or ceiling, so that the diameter of the LED downlight fits correctly, to keep a good aesthetic and ensure good functioning.

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As you can see, the installation of this element is not so complicated, but it does require technical knowledge and specialized tools so that everything goes perfectly. 

 Do you want to do the downlight replacement? 

To count on an expert is important to make the replacement of several downlights, that’s why you can contact iPromise. 

Learn more about IPromise here. 

If you want to replace downlights for free, you can look at VEET, of which IPromise is part, that is, we are part of the companies that provide the service of upgrading and improving systems such as heat pumps, lighting, in-home display, and solar solutions, which separately work very well, but together they will create an ideal environment in your home.

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How is the light replacement with IPromise? 

  • You contact us via any of our communications channels and book an appointment to visit you.
  • We will check the space where you want to do the upgrade, and confirm the number and type of the old lights, and the new lighting plan to reduce your energy consumption.
  • We will create a detailed summary of to tour lighting and the proposal for the new lights.
  • After you check the new plan, our A-Grade electricians will do the complete installation with all safety requirements.
  • To ensure the safe disposal of old lamps, we recycle them with all security guidelines.    

The best thing about working with IPromise is that the services are totally free if you are eligible for the program, remember that it is applicable for homes and businesses, or warehouses.

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