How Do I Find an Expert VEET Installer Near Me?

Reducing energy bills and being easy on the environment is the need of the hour. The Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program, formerly known as the VEET, has been formulated for this very purpose. The energy saver initiative by the Victorian state government as a part of Australia’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is going as planned. As a result, countless businesses and households are getting LED light upgrades at minimum or no cost at all with the help of expert VEET Installer(s). Under the Victorian government’s LED light replacement scheme, one can replace old incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent lights with energy-efficient LED lights. These lights consume almost 80% less energy than traditional lighting products as there is far less energy loss and heat dissipation during operation. This also means far less release of greenhouse gases, which is the ultimate goal of the Victorian energy saver scheme.

The scheme commenced in 2009 under the title Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) to:

  • Make energy efficiency improvements more affordable
  • Contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases
  • Encourage investment, employment, and innovation in industries that offer energy efficient products and services.

The rebate scheme is a way to offer Victorian households and businesses access to discounted energy-efficient LED products and upgrades through Accredited Providers (APs) administered by the Essential Service Commission (ESC). Every upgrade allows APs and their representatives to generate Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs). Each certificate represents one tonne of greenhouse gas abated from the environment. APs create VEECs once they make an energy upgrade in residential or commercial property and sell these energy certificates to Energy retailers. Energy retailers are liable to buy and surrender a specific number of these certificates every year to the government to meet legislated targets. The subsidies are facilitated by the revenue generated in turn. And yes, no taxpayer’s money is used in running this operation.

The scheme is renewed every 10 years. Therefore, the scheme is now known as the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program.

Installation of the lights is only done by certified installers who are strictly monitored by the governing body.

LED Upgrade Process

The installation process is initiated by fixing a free appointment with the installer who gives a clear picture of the upgrade blueprint. The amount of subsidy/rebate on the installation of energy-efficient LED lights depends on the assessment done by the installer.

How To Find an Expert VEET Installer Near You?

To find an expert VEET installer near you, there are certain things you need to keep in mind:

  • The installer should have work experience
  • He should be authorized under the VEU program to perform LED upgrades in your area
  • LED replacement should be done only by A-grade electricians
  • A free, no-obligation assessment is important before the upgrade
  • The installer must suggest a lighting solution based on assessment to decrease your energy consumption and power bill while fulfilling the lighting requirement of your setup
  • The installation process should be time-bound and strictly under the VEU program
  • LED products installed should be approved under the VEU scheme

We have years of experience in the lighting industry with thousands of happy customers across Victoria who have switched from old lights to LED lights with us. We make sure the free assessment we do is accurate and that the energy-efficient lighting solution we recommend offers the highest benefit of the federal scheme.

We use state-of-the-art tools to assess your site and determine how much energy and money you can save with new, energy-efficient LED products. Thereafter, the installation team arrives at your premises to replace old lights with LED products and handles the complete paperwork to help you get government rebates. Prompt post-installation support is provided to make sure all the lights are working fine.

If you are also thinking of reducing your energy bills and making the ambiance of your house better and brighter, delay no further, call us right now, and our team will assist you step-by-step in switching from old to LED lights.