Heat pump installation benefits in your home

In general, the houses count on an electric hot water unit, which could be efficient but, with time arrives some problems, the principal and most important is the electrical consumption that this does every time that is used, and if you do not have a correct installation, this element could start to waste the electricity, that means more expensive bills and a bad environmental impact.

So, after this, we have an alternative to the electric hot water unit, and as you can see, is the Heat pump.

What is a Heat pump for hot water?

A heat pump is an appliance that warms or cools the environment and water that you use in your home, that is to say, it can be heated and cooler if you need it, so you can get the perfect temperature in any type of the environment, no matter the weather. This temperature regulation is made starting with the thermal energy of the exterior of the home, and with the cycle of refrigeration.

The heat pump consumes less energy than the electric unit, and the impact on the environment is less than on the electric unit, especially if the energy that is destined for the function of the heat pump, is created with clean energies, like hydraulic, wind, or solar.

Heat pump parts

  • Evaporator: It moves the warm between the systems, especially at the moment when the water becomes a vapor, in this point, the evaporator absorbs the warm.
  • Compressor: It compresses the liquids to improve the pressure.
  • Condenser: It moves the warmth in the refrigeration phase, so it moves the warmth inside the system.
  • Expansion valve: It regulates the entrance of the evaporator to the system.

You can use a heat pump to regulate the temperature of some environment, (heating and cooling), have warm water in the water system of your house, warm a covered pool, and do specific industrial processes.

How it works?

The function of the heat pump depends on the type of machine that you acquire, but in general, it works with principles of thermodynamics, the heat pump takes advantage of the natural resources to warm or cool both the environment and the water of your home. 

In the summer

It takes the warmth of the interior places and transfers it to the exterior, and as we said, depending on the type of the heat pump, this warmth is moved to the exterior air, water, or floor.

In the winter

It takes the warmth of the exterior and transfers it to the spaces of your home, and the warmth is absorbed by the air, water, and floor. 

Types of heat pumps

The classification of the heat pumps depends on the way that it extracts and frees the energy.

  • Air-to-air: This is the most popular air conditioning, takes the air from one place, and moves it to another place.
  • Air to water: It takes the warmth of the air and transports it to a water circuit that feeds the warm system.
  • Water to water: It extracts the warmth energy from groundwater bags, and transfers it to the water circuit of the house. 
  • Floor to water: It takes the warmth of the floor with tubes under the floor, and transfers it to the water circuit of the house.

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Benefits of Heat pumps

  • It creates more comfortable environments and keeps the perfect temperature.
  • Improve the air quality.
  • It is more efficient than the other methods, since it uses less electricity, and the impact on the environment is less, especially if you use it with solar energy.
  • It reduces CO2 emissions.
  • It does not need a periodic recharge, so it has easy maintenance.
  • You can use it all year since it will adapt your environment to any temperature.   

Government incentives

In Australia, you have the VEET program where you can change to a Heat pump hot water Victoria, you only need to contact an accredited provider like IPromise, study if you already have the eligibility for the hot water upgrade, and start the plan of implementation, it could be a heat pump hot water system, refrigeration systems or others, it depends on your needs.

If you want to know more about the government incentives, you can read: Learn About The Victorian Energy Upgrades Program With IPromise