Guide To Proper Heat Pump Installation In Victoria

Are you considering installing a heat pump in Victoria? Proper installation is crucial to ensure optimal performance and safety. While it may be tempting to take on the task yourself, hiring a professional installer is essential to protect yourself, your employees, and your neighbours. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the necessary qualifications your installer should have and the certificates you should receive upon completion of the installation process. Let’s dive in and explore the key aspects of a proper heat pump installation in Victoria.

How To Install A Heat Pump For Optimal Performance

Installer Requirements:

Installing a heat pump requires a thorough understanding of multiple processes and components. As a result, only select tradespeople are qualified to install heat pumps within Victoria. Here are the required heat pump installer qualifications in this state.

Plumber Licence

As heat pump hot water installation requires connection to your water supply, installers require a plumber’s licence. They must be registered with the Victorian Building Authority for gas fitting and water supply classes.

Electrician Licence

Heat pump installation also requires an electrician’s licence due to the electrical component. Installers must either hold an electrician licence with Energy Safe Victoria or be a restricted electrical worker registered with Energy Safe Victoria who also has suitable training in water heating appliances where wiring work is involved.

Refrigerant Handling Licence

Finally, your heat pump installer must also hold a refrigerant handling licence. This is due to the fact that a hot water heat pump uses a refrigerant to heat the water. Handling this substance requires a rac01 licence.

Compliance & Certificates:

Not only should your heat pump installer hold the relevant licenses, but they should also provide you with the appropriate certificates once completed. This gives you a record of the installation to inform any future tradespeople working on your system while reassuring you that the job was done right, protecting you in the case of any issues arising. 

VBA Certificate

The first certificate you will likely receive is a Compliance Certificate from the Victorian Building Authority. This certificate details the completion of plumbing work, any relevant installation information, and details the installation process for future reference. 

CoES Certificate

The other certificate of compliance you will receive will be a Certificate of Electrical Safety from Energy Safe Victoria. This certificate keeps a record of relevant details, a description of the work undertaken, and notes the date of both completion and certification.

Installation Process:

Beyond simply showing up to install your system, the heat pump installation process follows a comprehensive checklist to ensure safety and compliance. At iPromise, our installation process is as follows.


The first step is analysing the qualifications required. This is where we assess the quantity needed, whether your system is gas or electric, whether it is located inside or outside, and the capacity of the system. Our installers will take photos of the site to ensure we remain compliant and are fully prepared for the installation.


Our next step is to prepare an assessment. We collate all the information we gathered during the qualification stage and input it into our software, uploading the photos taken of the site and details of the system. This allows us to have all the relevant information on hand when it comes time for installation.


Once we have fully prepared for your installation, it’s time to book us in. We will schedule an installation time that suits you so that we can install your system with as little hassle and inconvenience as possible. This is also the stage where we confirm the delivery of your heat pump system to ensure it arrives before the installation date.


After that, it’s time for the installation itself. Our qualified installers will professionally and safely install your system in accordance with our assessment. We will then take photos to create a record of the installation and detail the installation process for compliance.


The final step is to deliver the relevant certificates to you and complete the process. You will receive a VBA certificate alongside a CoES certificate so that you can rest assured that your system is installed properly and fully compliant.

By following these guidelines and working with experienced professionals, you can ensure a proper heat pump installation that guarantees optimal performance, safety, and compliance in Victoria. 

Ready to install a heat pump at your commercial property? Contact us to discuss your heat pump hot water installation today. Our fully qualified iPromise installation experts will safely adhere to local regulations for your specific heat pump installation needs.