Free Residential LED Light Replacement, Why it Matters to You?

Lights at home tend to consume a lot of energy, contributing significantly to the household’s power bills. With incandescent light bulbs and CFLs at home, as a homeowner, you are not just paying hefty bills that can be avoided easily but also increasing your carbon footprint.

The VEU Program: A Gist

Victorian Energy Upgrades aka VEU is Victoria’s famous energy-saving rebate program under which the state government is offering free residential LED light replacement.

Under the program, households, by having their light units replaced with energy-efficient and highly durable LEDs, can save tremendously on bills and contribute much lesser to greenhouse gas emissions.

Free Residential LED Light Replacement: Benefits

As the state government provides Victorian households with free LED light upgrades through the VEU program, the family are saving up to 80 percent on their bills and

  • Spending lesser on lights, as LEDs last much longer. With LEDs installed, homeowners are saving on frequent maintenance and replacement costs
  • Using lesser air conditioning, unlike the incandescent and CFL bulbs that heat up with use and add to the warmth of the room. The LEDs are much cooler, which means the room temperature is not increased by the installed lights, and the AC and cooling appliances are used lesser to maintain the indoor temperature
  • Enjoying two years of the product warranty on the LED installed

The VEU Program: Why it Matters to You?

Free residential LED light replacement or LED lighting upgrade for households under VEUscheme in Melbourne ensures the LED lights installed at your home are completely free and fitted by trusted and experienced electricians. The LEDs create an inviting atmosphere at home with their white hue and are pretty easy on the environment.

The free LED lights will allow an average Victorian resident to save up to 80 percent on power bills and provides the house with much brighter light. LED lights have a very long lifespan, meaning you will not have to go through the pain of frequent light maintenance and replacement costs.