Commercial Solar Rebates in Victoria are On

[Get up to 50% off a solar power system cost)

The Victorian government is providing commercial solar rebates covering up to 50% cost of a solar panel system. Request a quote today. Hurry!


    Up to 50% Grant on solar power systems for Businesses in Victoria

    Commercial solar systems come in different configurations such as less than 30 kW commercial solar system (up to 100 panels). A 30 kW system generates about 120 kWh of electricity a day on average over a year, meaning your business can save up to $2000 per month if 100% self-consumed. If your requirement is bigger than this, you can go fo a 100kW solar system. 100kW systems are one of the most popular commercial solar system sizes for businesses across Australia. This is due to the upfront Federal Rebate being available for systems up to 100kW. They feature approximately 370 solar panels and require around 600m2 of roof area.

    Your business could save more than $20,000 per annum and cover up to 60% of your energy usage with a 100kW solar panel installation. With experience in delivering more 100kW systems than anyone else, we can ensure your business gets the optimum benefit from installing solar.


    Ready To Slash Your Power Bill With Solar?

    Switching to solar power is one of the simplest ways to reduce your electricity bills without impacting your day-to-day operations. As more and more businesses from almost every industry are going solar under commercial solar rebates in Victoria, it is one of the fastest growing energy efficiency initiatives across the country. Solar can provide a reduction of up to 70% on your power bills while providing additional environmental benefits to your business.

    Our team of expert installers can help you understand financial and environmental benefits of solar energy for your business. We have helped dozens of businesses with our end-to-end service approach to commercial solar installation. From a no-obligation consultation to applying for solar rebates and installing solar system – we provide quality products and services, with hassle-free solar installation.

    Moreover, partnering with us enables you to get a sophisticated commercial solar system that is tailored to your needs and eligible for commercial solar rebates in Victoria.


    Huge savings on your power bills

    The biggest and on-going financial benefit of a commercial solar panel system is reduced electricity bills. Some of our clients have seen over 70% reduction in their monthly power costs. Furthermore, solar can potentially prevent your business against future price hikes. Solar system is a sensible, long -term investment that delivers month-on-month and year-on-year savings on your power bill. Not to mention, post-install support and maintenance that we offer and product warranties that come along the solar system components.

    Commercial solar rebates in Victoria

    Under the government’s solar rebate scheme, businesses can install solar systems that are heavily subsidised. The rebate can potentially cover up to 50% of total cost of the system depending on location of your business and configuration of the system installed. The rebate scheme is categorized into two segments – Small Scale (under 100kW solar systems) and Large Scale (over 100kW solar systems).

    Small Scale installations are eligible for Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) which provide an upfront discount of up to 50% off the real cost of a solar system installation. It can range from $60,000 to $70,000 for a 99kW system. iPromise ensures your eligibility for STCs and helps you claim the rebate on your behalf.

    Business or industry installations of more than 100kW capacity are classified under the Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs). These certificates are provided to businesses looking to install a system of 200, 300 or greater kW capacity on an ongoing basis until 2030. The net present value of these LGCs may cover up to 60% of the upfront cost over the system’s lifespan.



    • We are CEC-approved solar retailer
    • We only use solar panels from big brands
    • We specialize in custom designed solar systems
    • We offer quick and quality installations
    • We bridge the gap between our customers and energy retailers
    • We provide ongoing support to our customers
    • Solar systems installed by us ensure high output and guaranteed ROI

    Allow iPromise Australia to offer the best way to harvest the sunrays for daily energy needs of your business. With the government solar rebates in Victoria, installing an affordable solar system has become easier than ever. The total expense of installing a solar system on your roof and ongoing cost savings on your annual energy bills can almost offset the cost of the system in matter of a few years.


    Besides, there are few other reasons to choose us.

    Feasibility: One of our expert consultants will provide you with a complete analysis of the project without any obligation quote.


    Financing: We will assist you to choose the perfect system with the best finance option for your business.


    Site Inspection: A thorough inspection of your premises will be conducted by our local installation teams.


    System Design: A custom design for your system will be engineered by our award-winning engineers.


    Accredited Local Installation: With years of experience, we ensure high-quality installation by one of our local fully accredited installation teams.


    What do solar systems installed by us assure?

    Reduced electricity bills instantly after solar installation. As soon as your solar power system is installed, you start generating your own electricity from natural light. This can be either used to power your business or simply exported back to the grid if you are not using it.

    Huge government rebates can be received based on your business location. Besides, solar system not only provides surplus energy but also takes some load off the main grids, thus helping reduce your carbon footprint.

    Premium quality solar modules and components by reputed, big brands approved under the Clean Energy Council are used to make sure every system is of the highest quality. All our products are CEC-approved and installed by Clean Energy Council accredited installers.

    key advantages of installing a solar PV system

    Clean Energy: Generated from renewable source, which is sun, solar power does not create greenhouse gas during the production making it clean and green energy. This significantly reduces the harmful impact on environment.

    Low Maintenance: Once installed, maintaining a PV solar system is quite easy. A simple annual service inspection ensures your investment is safely functioning at its full capacity.

    Decline in Electricity Bills: Since your PV solar system will be producing its own electricity, you will be using less power from the grid which in turn will lower your power bills.

    Solar Installation Process

    We deliver a customized solar (PV) system that maximizes energy generation based on available space and fulfils your energy requirement, irrespective of your business size.
    Our team accurately measures your facility and custom designs a solar PV system based on your energy needs and goals, so you know exactly how much energy your system will generate. You can be assured of maximum ROI and energy generation forecast.

    Here’s the complete installation process:
    1. Assess your needs by:
    • Discussing your goals in depth
    • Reviewing your site and electricity usage
    • Navigating incentives and local regulatory codes
    • Recommending a solar system & provide best quote

    2. Site visit and proposal
    We visit your site to confirm the initial details like, roof area, amount of sunlight it receives, electrical systems, and energy consumption. We then present the final proposal to you, showing exactly how much you can expect to save by installing a solar PV system.

    3. Designing your solar system
    We finalize your solar system that meets your specific energy needs and engineer a final structural and electrical layout.

    4. Solar PV system installation
    Our installers work on the installation plan without disrupting your day-to-day operations. Our team then safely and efficiently completes the installation. We take care of all paperwork.

    5. Go live, monitor & start saving
    Following testing, your solar system is live and generating energy. We monitor post-install performance of the system to ensure maximum efficiency and ROI.

    We use top solar brands

    Jinko Solar

    LG solar panels

    Trina solar


    FAQs about Commercial Solar Rebates in Victoria

    Q: What is the cost of the solar system to my business?

    A: The cost of a solar system depends on variables like size of the system and location. Owing to the Government solar rebate scheme, the cost of the solar system for you is greatly subsidised. These government incentives make the solar panel system a practical option for your business in a long-term.

    Q: What are the benefits of commercial solar PV system for my business?

    A: The commercial solar PV system not only helps you reduce your energy consumption, but also protects your business from future energy costs. It provides better energy efficiency; government grants and incentives; a back-up power source; and a transportable energy solution that can be moved to a new site.

    Q: Do I have to change energy providers to get solar?

    A: If you are not getting good deal on electricity, it is wise to switch suppliers. You can change energy providers when you have solar panels or generate your own renewable energy in another way – but you must switch to an eligible supplier.

    Q:How do I choose a good quality solar PV system for my business?

    A:All systems listed as Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved products meet Australian Standards and are accredited as Approved Products by the Clean Energy Council.

    Q: What solar rebates are available for the businesses like mine in Victoria?

    A: Your business could be eligible to receive up to $80,000 rebate for installing a 100kW worth of solar panel system. This can cover up to 45% of the upfront cost of your system.

    Q: How much will my business save by installing solar PV system?

    A: Depending on a few variables, a 100kW system may save your business conservatively up to $20,000 – $50,000 per year.

    Q: Is solar safe? I heard that they carry a risk of fires.

    A:Yes, solar is safe. However, all electrical systems carry some form of risk and solar is no exception. All work is carried out by licensed technicians.

    Q: Are the solar systems effective in the winter months?

    A: Due to the lower hours of sunlight during winter, there is an effect however by installing the units correctly and solar photovoltaic systems rely on sunlight and ultra violet rays, not heat. In summers, the longer hours generate the surplus power, which is comparatively low in the cold season.

    Q: Does the electrician installing the solar system at my site need to be qualified?

    A: Yes, it is important to have a qualified electrician working on any electrical requirement at your site. We work with A-grade electricians and installers to meet safety and government standards under the rebate program.

    Q: Are your electricians qualified for installing a solar system?

    A: Yes! All our installers are qualified and licensed electricians.

    Q: What is the potential payback period?

    A: A 100kW system will pay itself off potentially within 3-5 years, depending on your business location.

    Q: What’s the amount of CO2 abated through solar panel installation?

    A: A 100kW system can help your business reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 2500-2700 tonnes over 20 years.

    Q: Is a 100kW solar power system suitable for my business?

    A: Your energy requirement defines the size of a solar system suitable for your business. If your energy requirement can be met well below 100kW system, there is no point in installing a 100kW system. But if your business is spending about $7,000 – $15,000 per month on energy, you should consider a 100kW solar system. However, there are other variables too which we consider while designing a system that best fits your requirement and delivers high ROI.

    To find out what is the optimum system size for your business, please fill out the query form above. Our solar expert will get in touch with you to discuss your energy requirement and recommend a suitable system size for your business.

    Q: How to choose a quality solar power system?

    A: While installing solar is a long-term investment, solar panels are the key component of a solar system that has to survive and perform in the harsh climate of your locality for many years. The Positive Quality program promotes solar PV module brands that are proven to consistently meet a high standard of manufacturing quality.

    Q: What are the financing options for installing a solar system?

    A: There are various ways to purchase a solar power system and new finance models are making it easier for business to go solar. You can use these models in a combination or singularly.

    Outright purchase and ownership – This is the traditional way of financing solar. Upfront payment provides independence and low ongoing costs and can make sense for owner-occupier businesses.

    Solar Leasing – It enables you to install a system with zero, or low upfront cost, maintenance is covered by the provider and savings should exceed lease payments.

    Solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) – These are suitable for very large energy consumers and landlords of large commercial or industrial premises. They involve buying energy from a solar panel system for an agreed price and time period.

    Environmental upgrade agreements (EUAs) – You can access finance to install solar power systems using a EUA. Property owners can access funding and pay it back through annual council rates.

    Q: What if my solar unit is damaged or vandalised?

    A: If you solar unit is damaged or vandalised, you can contact us via phone or email. Our phone number is: 039 021 2533 and email address is:

    Q: Does my system have a warranty for the solar panels?

    A: Yes. Most solar panels we install come with a 25-year warranty. We only use leading solar panel and power equipment manufacturers in all installations. All these manufacturers provide various best practice quality warrantees.

    Q: How long does the installation take?

    A: It may take between 1-2 weeks for a complete installation, depending on the system size.

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