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Replace halogen high bays and fluorescent tubes with energy-efficient LED lights under the VEU (formerly known as VEET) rebate scheme and reduce your energy bill by over 80%.



    Brighter, Safer and More Efficient!

    iPromise is one of the leading providers of commercial LED lighting upgrades in Australia. We offer energy saving lighting solutions to businesses across Victoria and other states in the country. All upgrades are done by A-grade installers. We retrofit and provide custom solutions to meet
    your varying lighting requirements. All our products are VEU-approved and quality test qualified to help you
    save thousands of dollars on energy and maintenance costs.

    What is Energy Efficiency Commercial LED Lighting Upgrade?

    The Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program is introduced by Essential Services Commission to provide high-quality LED lighting solutions to different business setups such as retail, warehouse, manufacturing unit, office, garage, undercover carparks, etc. at subsidized price.


    If you want your business premises to appear the best and your customers feel happy and comfortable, install LED lights. The problem with fluorescent tubes or metal halide lights is that they tend to flicker or get dimmer with age. Moreover, these lights consume more energy, leading to increased energy bills.


    LED lights are energy-efficient that save money on power bills. LEDs also help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, making these incentivised energy upgrades an environmentally-friendly lighting solution.

    Why upgrade to LEDs?

    Well, here’s a list of reasons why your commercial setup needs an LED upgrade:


     Save Money On Energy Bills

    Replacing your old, halogen bulbs and fluorescent tubes with new-age LED products means you’ll reduce energy consumption by over 80%. Since LED lights are highly energy-efficient, highly durable, and produce less heat, they save money on power and maintenance costs compared to traditional lighting options.


     Benefit of Government Rebates

    Another reason to upgrade to LED lights is that you’ll benefit from state-run and endorsed government incentives and rebates. Under the VEU imitative promoted by the Victorian government, manufacturing units, warehouse, and other commercial spaces are eligible to get large subsides or rebates for improving greenhouse gas abatement through reduced energy consumption and enable Australia to decrease its overall carbon footprint.


     Improve Productivity at Work

    Besides financial incentives, commercial LED lighting also impacts productivity at work. Wondering how? Well, dim lighting causes strain on eyes, which may lead to headaches and reduced productivity. But LEDs can mimic natural light, causing humans to react similarly to the natural sunlight. This means no eye strains or headaches, hence more productive work hours.


     LED Upgrade Is Quick & Easy

    There is no need to spend extra money on installing new lights and fittings. Installing LED lighting is very quick and easy. All we do is follow a quick installation process and it’s done, without disrupting your day-to-day operations.


     Low/No Maintenance

    Commercial LEDs last over 50,000 hours compared to old lights. This means no to low maintenance work for the next 10 years. And for your business setup, this means negligible replacement downtime. This is essential for every business like yours to have minimum downtime to achieve more productivity.

    How much will it cost?

    Thinking of an LED upgrade and wondering how much will it cost? Well, the answer depends on various factors, like:

    • Type of business where LED upgrade is required
    • How long the LEDs will run per business day
    • Types of lights already installed
    • State subsidies applicable in your region


    Depending on the nature of your business and state you live in, you might be eligible for a free LED upgrade. Want to know if your business qualifies for a free LED upgrade under the government rebate scheme? The best way to find out is to give us a call or drop us a line with your business name and location, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

    VEU: Subsidised Lighting Upgrades for Victorian Businesses

    The VEU program is a Victorian Government initiative to promote and encourage energy efficient technology. The rebate program covers both residential as well as commercial setups and provides financial incentives for switching to more energy efficient products and practices.

    The program is one of the most popular energy-saving initiatives by the Australian government to make energy efficiency improvements more affordable to Victorian households and businesses. It is administered in accordance with the VEU Regulations 2008 by the Essential Services Commission. Since the date of commencement, the VEU program aims to:

    > Make energy efficiency improvements more affordable for businesses and households

    > Contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases

    > Encourage investment, employment, and technology development in industries supplying energy efficiency products and services across Victoria

    LED Upgrade Process

    Enquiry: Fill out our the query form or give us a call. We will confirm the best time to visit your premises.


     Site Audit: Our assessment team will visit your site to check old lighting and find out how LED upgrade can help reduce your energy consumption.


     Comprehensive Proposal: We will make a detailed proposal highlighting how our lighting solution can benefit your organization and get best ROI.


     Installation: Our A-grade electricians will perform installation at your site, without interrupting day-to-day operations of your organization.


    Start Saving: You will start noticing a reduction in energy consumption and bills of your business once the LED installation is complete.


    We provide a ‘No obligation lighting assessment” to businesses that qualify for a commercial LED lighting upgrade in Victoria. Meaning we won’t charge you anything for assessing your site for an LED upgrade.


    Lighting assessment is important because it:

    • Explains significant benefits of LEDs against old lighting
    • Calculates how much energy & money you can save by switching to LEDs
    • Recommends the most suitable LED lighting solutions for your business


    If you are happy with our recommendations, we can process your request for installation. An assessment normally takes about 45 minutes. However, this may vary depending on the size of your site and the questions you have.



    Australian-owned Company: We are an Australian-owned company and have been operational in states like Victoria, NSW, and SA since 2016.


    Industry Experts: We are an industry pioneer with over eight years of experience delivering energy efficiency solutions across Australia.


    All Upgrades Are Done Under VEU Program: All upgrades are done under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program so you are the direct beneficiary of the government rebate scheme.


    Quality LED Products: The LED products we install are VEU-approved and designed to last almost a lifetime.


    Maximum Energy Savings: Our lighting solutions provide the highest level of energy efficiency to reduce your energy bills by over 80%.


    Better ROI & Workplace Productivity: We help businesses achieve better productivity and ROI through better lighting.


    Post-Install Support: Our installation team works closely with you not only during but after the competition of installation as well to troubleshoot lighting issues.


    • LED products we install use up to 80% less energy than traditional lights
    • We do upgrades under the government program
    • LED products we install are approved under the VEU (aka VEET) scheme
    • Complete installation at no cost
    • A wide range of brands to choose from (Ecobulb, Primsal and the like)
    • Products we install last over 25,000 hours or 3 years, meaning no more blown bulbs
    • Upgrades are done by A-grade electricians
    VEU FAQs

    Q: What is VEU?

    A: VEU stands for Victorian Energy Upgrades, which was formerly called the VEET scheme. It is a Victorian government initiative to help residential and commercial consumers enjoy the benefits of the energy saver incentives and rebates.

    Q: What are the VEET Prescribed Activities According to This Scheme?

    A: Activity 21 – It involves the replacement of incandescent lights with energy-efficient LEDs for residential properties.

    B: Activity 34 – It involves commercial LED lighting upgrades. Setups eligible for the upgrade include:

    • Office
    • Retail
    • Warehouse
    • Manufacturing unit
    • Undercover carpark

    Q: How to determine the eligibility for the LED upgrade?

    A: The following points determine eligibility for LED upgrade:

    • The treatment of the works must be defensible and reasonable for the upgrade,
    • The LED upgrade must have started after the commencement act of with amended regulations (on 17 May 2012),
    • The LED upgrade must be completed after the date on which the application was lodged for application for accreditation approval,
    • The LED upgrade must be completed after the date of lodged application for the upgraded energy-efficient products, and
    • A commercial or residential property owner must source all the documentation that’s needed for verifying their pre-upgraded lighting solution.

    Q: Do we have to use only the VEET approved products?

    A: Yes, only VEU-approved products must be used to get the benefits of the rebate scheme. VEU-approved products provide all advantages of the advanced and innovative LED technology, along with improved lighting quality, longer lamp life, and higher energy efficiency.

    Q: How can my business benefit from the VEU energy saving scheme?

    A: The VEU (aka VEET) scheme offers many opportunities for upgrading old to LED lights. Some of them being:

    • Free installation for certain eligible businesses
    • Rebated LED products
    • Upfront cash
    • Delayed cash

    Q: How long will VEU scheme run?

    A: The VEU scheme, promoted as the Energy Saver Incentive, has been legislated to run in about 3 phases until January 1, 2030.

    • Proprietary Lens design to reduce glare and increase beam density
    • Patent pending driver design for prolonged work life
    • Powder coated lamp cover to suit industrial use and style
    • Patent pending day light sencer and motion sencer function
    • Rated life of 50000 hours
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    • Save energy and cost: 150W LED UFO High Bay replaces a 400W Metal Halide providing a saving of 250W per fitting.
    • Healthy: No IR or UV Radiation.
    • Flexible: Ip65 Waterproof with PC lens provides multiple applications and longevity.
    • Where: Warehouse, Airports, Exhibition Centres, Shopping
      Centres, Supermarkets, Stadiums, Toll Stations, Subways, and other indoor and outdoor high ceiling applications.
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    • Save energy and cost: 150W LED UFO High Bay replaces a 400W Metal Halide providing a saving of 250W per fitting.
    • Healthy: No IR or UV Radiation.
    • Flexible: Ip65 Waterproof with PC lens provides multiple applications and longevity.
    • Where: Warehouse, Airports, Exhibition Centres, Shopping
      Centres, Supermarkets, Stadiums, Toll Stations, Subways, and other indoor and outdoor high ceiling applications.
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    • Lighter than you think
    • Does not shatter
    • Easier to install & safer than glass tube
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