Why should you upgrade your commercial lighting to LEDs?

Before talking about the reasons for doing a lighting upgrade, it’s good to know why it’s important to have good lighting in your workplace. Indeed, LED lights offer better illumination, and better quality of light and help you to save money, both in residential and commercial environments.

How to design your commercial LED lighting?

To start, it is important to know the temperature of the lighting that we want to have, in this case, we have to take into account the environment and the kind of business that we have, or the feelings that we want the customers to have when entering the establishment.

Choosing the temperature of the lights

  • Ultra warm: is recommended for decorative or relaxing environments.
  • Warm: to living environments and working spaces. 
  • Neutral: perfect for workspaces like office buildings, businesses, or commercial places.
  • Neutral blue: this is recommended for commercial and industrial environments since the blue light stimulates the concentration or alert state.  

One of the most popular benefits of LEDs is their long lifespan. In addition to that, there are plenty of other pros:

  • The cost savings: the LED light bulb is energy efficient. It consumes much less than a compact fluorescent light bulb.
  • The ecological impact: LEDs are made of non-toxic materials, are recyclable, and are also considered environmentally friendly.
  • Solidity: LEDs are strong and impact-resistant.
  • Safety: LED lamps don’t generate a lot of heat. It means that there is no incident or consequence if touched.

The functions of the illumination

At this point, you know what kind of temperature is perfect for your environment. Now let’s talk about the atmosphere that you want to create and where you should place the accent lights, the environmental and the indirect light, or the fill light.     

Another way to explain it, is: 

  • Ambient lighting: usually placed on the shelves. It’s a uniform light that benefits the orientation of the customers. You can identify it and differentiate it in the supermarkets for example (panels or LED tubes).   
  • Focal lighting: – known as accent lighting – used to focus on some specific product or space. You can play with the different lighting levels and create a hierarchy between the elements of your establishment.    
  • Set of lights: used to decorate the environment. It’s not about the functional use but more about the aesthetic. You can choose different colors, and forms and install them in different places.

By contacting professionals, you will have access to a complete plan of illumination that offers accurate lighting solutions for your business. In the case of the LED lighting Australia market (specifically in the Victoria State), it’s possible for you to get this illumination plan for free, with the support of our certificated professionals. 

IPromise is a part of the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program. We are here to help and guide you during the lighting installation of LED lights and other services, for free. 

Remember that illumination helps your business to shine and highlights the qualities that are supposed to captivate the customers. Don’t neglect the importance of working with professionals! They have the knowledge and expertise on how to install LEDs for commercial, and LED shop lights in order to curate perfectly to your needs and create a cozy and interesting environment.

So, why should you choose the Led Lighting upgrades?

Energy saving

A LED light consumes 80% or 90% less than conventional lighting. It works with semiconductors that emit light when they have contact with electricity. There is an important difference between a conventional bulb and a LED bulb. In fact, LEDs can work with only 15% more energy than the conventional requires in order to work well.

LEDs have more durability 

LEDs are more efficient than conventional lights. At first glance, LEDs can look more expensive but their duration is actually better. For example, the lifespan of halogen light (conventional) is around 2000 hours while the lifespan of a LED is 15.000 hours. See? You are effectively saving money and on top of that, you are taking advantage of a good light.

LED illumination is an ecological option

First, your power consumption will be lower. Second, there are several recycling programs available depending on the type of LED you are using. However, recycling halogen lamps can be dangerous if not done in the right way..

If you want to know more about the benefits of the LED lighting upgrade, click here.   

Types of lights that you can access with IPromise 

For commercial LED lighting, IPromise has a significant portfolio of quality products that will bring new life to your business.

To access the installation of free LED lights for your establishment, contact iPromise! We only operate with certified professionals.